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Safe and Secure

Artificial Intelligence makes the platform safe and secure with its ability to handle and execute operations at its own without involvement of any third person. It is immutable, tamper-proof, scam proof, fair, and fully transparent.

Dividend Distribution

Every participant on Team Passive will get dividends per day on the Deposit. You will recieve this until 200% of your deposit's. You will earn additionaly millions through Magic Matrix and Magic Level from Team Passive. The earnings are paid automatically through Artificial Intelligence.

Referral Program

Every referral invitee will get some percentage amount back as reward. The referral awards will be added to the wallet balance automatically through artificial intelligence. Participants can withdraw it anytime.


About Team Passive

Team Passive is an Artificial Intelligence-based crowdfunding and crypto trading project. It is founded by the most innovative and creative fintech professionals.

Our mission is to support the community and to provide everyone with independent, financial support.

Team Passive project automatically handles all the operations without any interference of any third person hence makes the platform transparent, autonomous and secure for its participants.


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Teampassive will give you Multiple Options to make more and more unlimited passive income through AI and allow you to withdraw money anytime.



Participants are joining Team Passive from all corners of the world. Taking benefits of services we provide.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a suite of technologies, enabled by adaptive predictive power and exhibiting some degree of autonomous learning, that dramatically advance our ability to:

  • Recognize patterns
  • Anticipate future events
  • Create good rules
  • Make good decisions
  • Communicate with other people
  • The adoption of AI in investment management is now empowering firms to do things they couldn’t do before: augmenting the intelligence of the human workforce, and facilitating the development of next-generation capabilities

Air Drop Income

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